Making Strategic Investments In Employee Development Is Crucial For Success 

 Our approach to learning stems from our firm belief that continuous educations and investment in self-development are crucial to achieving success. Our training programs and workshops are designed to engage creativity and empower individuals and businesses to reach their optimal performance.          

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 Ambassador of Hospitality 

The hospitality Business has more moving parts and customer points than most other industries. In this 8 hours workshop, we address four fundamentals of the foundations of hospitality.  

 What you will learn 

  •  The distinction between hospitality and service 

  • The Hospitality mindset - Creating a first impression (importance of appearance, hygiene, posture, handshakes, body language, tone of voice, choosing the right words)

  • Communication in Hospitality- Creating a lasting impression

  •   Teamwork- learn the importance and impact of being a team player and best practices for winning teams


  Who should benefit 

​Anyone who comes in contact with guests in his line of duties ( front desk, servers, phone operations, supervisors and managers..)

In a Meeting
Original Leader 

The role of a manager in organizations is complex. While managers can come in different shapes and sizes they all share the task of utilizing people and resources to achieve organizational goals.                This 8 hours  workshop will discuss the roles and functions of effective managers and leaders


 What you will learn 


  • Leadership and management styles  and  how your role affects others

  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace ( the importance of emotional intelligence and how to harness your strength) 

  • Communication in the global world       ( learn how to communicate across languages) 

  • Conflict Resolutions ( Help your team navigate challenging times)  


Who should benefit

Supervisors, managers, team leaders or anyone who is considering a management role within the hospitality industry 

Fine Restaurant
Power of Service 

How many times did you decide to avoid a place because of poor service? 

This 6 hours workshop is designed for restaurants, bars, cafes, and foodservice establishments that want to gain a competitive advantage and improve their guest satisfaction and build loyalty.   

 What you will learn 

  • The distinction between hospitality and service 

  • A-Z steps of service ( overview of all the steps of service from when you come in contact with a guest until they leave)  

  • Reading and understanding your guests and best practices of communication 

  • The power of Product Knowledge and sales techniques  

Who should benefit

​Anyone who works in the foodservice industry or considering a career transition into restaurant or food service