Our dedicated and experienced team is here to guide you through every step of the way. We partner with you to implement the best business practices, measurement tools, and goals. We offer you creative solutions to optimize your growth.  

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Training and Development  

 Our approach to learning stems from our firm belief that continuous educations and investment in self-development are crucial to achieving success. Our training programs and workshops are designed to engage creativity and empower individuals and businesses to reach their optimal performance


  • Creation and implementation of training program

  •  Increase employee engagement and self actualisation ​​

  • Project management and support prior to launching your business

  • Write training schedules and manuals 

  • Draft employee handbook based on current labor laws and establishment policies

  • Design an organization chart to maximize productivity and  reduce labor charges

  • Help you design a structure to create  a culture where everyone feels supported and valued 

Operations Optimization

We evaluate your business to ensure your operations are as efficient and effective as possible. Our goal in this process is to minimize your costs and present you with new opportunities to achieve optimal growth.

  • Create opening  and closing procedure checklist

  • Define and write job description for each position

  • Review and solve operations challenge

  • Set reservation systems to maximize  seating capacity

  • Set up point of sale system  for both front and back of the house operations

  • Draft a preventative maintenance checklist. 

  • Develop cash-out procedures

  • Create ordering lists

Team Building 

(recruiting, training and coaching)

We help you find the best match for your organization. Our selective process focuses on aligning your values and mission with the right candidate and offer you service and leadership training programs to strengthen your team. 

  • Recruit the right candidate and guide them through the transition period 

  • Coach leadership and management team 

  •  Assess service standards and design a  guest service training specific to your business need

  • Create a management success path to ensure fulfillment and advancement

  • Design workshops and learning programs